The Weekend is Here!

Hello Mommas out there.  Saturday is a great day of the week to get a family WOD in at the park while the kids get to run around.

We usually make almond butter with Sliced apple sandwhichs for lunch.  We slice the apple like bread and the kids go nuts and so does the hubby.


Dinner Time

Tilapia with crusted cashews cooked in a small amount of coconut oil

Green beans cooked in coconut oil with sliced red onions

Paleo Fried Rice- Cauliflower style

I use the food processor to get the cauliflower to a rice like consistency

Then heat some coconut oil in a pan and cook some red diced onions on low

Once onions are sautéed I add in the cauliflower and begin to saute together

I add green onions and shredded carrots and then scramble in a couple of eggs

Perfect Family meal in less than thirty minutes.


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