WODing at the end of Pregnancy

Sorry I have been gone for sometime busy with my toddlers, working full time, working with new Nutritional Clients, and trying to get in as many WODs as possible.  I have found that my pregnancy has been extremely easy this third time around and I contribute most of it to my Paleo eating habits and my WODing.  Eating has been more of a challenge lately because I have not had much of an appetite this last few weeks but I know that for energy it is important that I nurture my body with clean food.

WODs lately have consisted of extreme modifications from my stand point since I am no longer reaching PRs like I enjoy.  I have been doing less weight on many movements however am trying my hardest to do as much of an activity that does not need modifying such as rowing.  I have found Rowing to be a new love since Running makes my bladder go a little crazy.  I really look forward to the coming months when I can get back to GHD situps and regular pullups.

I have a question for moms still WODing, what types of modifications did you make throughout your pregnancy progression?


By the way followers I am Due the 30th so I am hoping for a quick delivery!

2 1/2 weeks to go!

2 1/2 weeks to go!


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