Making it fun!

When you have kids you have to find ways to make food and excercise fun.  Since my kids only know clean food and active lifestyles I find it hard when showing clients how to retrain their families.

I have a client with a four year old who is very picky and lives off junk food.  The junk food is literally rotting her teeth.  So I sat down with the mom and daughter and tried to get an idea of what they enjoy eating. I devised a plan and created meal ideas.  I explained that if the mom and daughter planned meals in advance and cooked together it would be fun.

Ultimately I went back and we had paleo breakfast together.  The four year old wanted bacon and eggs so we had bacon and egg muffin cups with canteloupe.  Yum.. They were served with two muffins for eyes and canteloupe for a mouth.  Fun!

What is your favorite healthy kid meal?



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