Kids gone Paleo!

I often get questions from friends on how the heck do I get my kids to eat paleo and its simple they are not given the option of junk… When kids are offered fruit and nuts over processed food and its what they know as normal they are likely to eat what they are given.. my son thinks carrots are candy and often begs me to make him ice cream from the juicer which I tend to use anywhere from pineapple and carrots or spinach and apple’s and freeze the juice 😉 kids popsicles at their best…I really think as parents it is our job to set examples and give them tools that will help them in life and eating right is essential 😉 have a great day!


One thought on “Kids gone Paleo!

  1. Inspiring indeed 🙂 My little one loves fruits , but its hard to keep her off the Junk sometimes…:) Im sure its up to us to present them well to the kids 🙂 Love the popsicles idea 🙂

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