Sun-Dried Tomato Meat Loaf sub bread crumbs for almond meal and veg oil for olive oil


Today is a new Day make today yours!

ghandi’s top 10 fundamentals // via lama designs – We have been given a chance to start fresh everyday. If your new years resolution was to eat better or move more the time is now. Make today yours. I took this path years ago and am not looking back I make today a day for me. I will eat clean and help my friends eat clean. Today I will make simple pot roast in the crock pot and steam veggies. Comfort food without all the junk is amazing.

Breastfeeding and Paleo

Well since my baby is now one week old he is eating non stop.  eating paleo is extremely important to me and for the health of my son.  I put my focus on high quality proteins, good fats including avocados, nuts, and fruits and veggies.  Nursing tends to make me hungry and I want to focus on healthy quality nutrients.  My breastfeeding paleo diet must be working because we took in our newborn and he has not lost any weight since leaving the hospital.  I am looking forward to seeing my son grow and getting back to crossfit very soon.


Paleo Baby

Well I finally had my newest son.  He is beyond amazing and life with two toddlers and a newborn has been interesting.  I found the hospital was not very accommodating for my paleo style eating and thought I would be prepared for my stay but babies come on their terms.  My husband was forced to go home after my delivery to get me food ;).  With my paleo diet breastfeeding is going great and my baby is not fussy at all.  I hope I will find the time to blog more and help more people change their lives with clean eating.


Days Away from My Due Date!

Well with days left til my due date I am still at work full time and still WODing. Last night we did a ton of Squats and Lunges and I was really hoping it would help put me in labor. No such luck so today I made some powerful spicy Paleo Chili. Kids will have to deal with Almond butter sandwiches on Apples tonight because this mom needs something spicy to get things moving along. How many moms out there have WOD’ed throughout the entire pregnancy? Did it help with laboring?


Eat Junk, Feel like Crap!

Well I must say I eat paleo daily however my husband still trys to stray away and cheat on a regular basis.  I think this time he learned his lesson.  He cheated this last time with some fast food and candy after I forced him to do a challenge and he has been sick for two days. He told me this morning he no longer wants to feel this way and is prepared to no longer cheat on his health. 

My question for people is, Is that junk meal worth your health?